Dance Music

Please be aware that your selected music must be submitted as a digital .mp3 or .m4a file attached in an email to  “”   Dancers will also need to provide a backup copy of all their music on a CD or thumb drive.

The performer is responsible for ensuring that copies of recorded music comply with all copyright restrictions that apply to the source material.

The deadline for music submissions is Monday, March 10, 2020.

Please complete the appropriate form:

        Solo Music Submission form
        Duo Music Submission form
        Trio Music Submission Form
        Group Music Submission Form

Completing the form will provide a “class/age” code to be used in your email with the music file attached. If you have multiple entries in the Dance category, please submit each piece of music INDIVIDUALLY in a separate email.

Attach your identified music file (.mp3 or .m4a) to an email addressed to 
         Subject Line:  “Class/age” code – dancers’ name:
                          i.e. SBP12, Suzie MacDonald

Label music files like this: — “Class/Age” Code, your First Name, Last Name, the title of the music, running time, and whether the dance starts on or off stage.”
      i.e. Suzie MacDonald renamed her MP3 file like this:
      SBP12, Suzie MacDonald, “Out There”, 2:25, starts on


Thank you…
       Carole Bonin