Dance Solo-Nelson2020

Dance Solo

Please read the Syllabus before completing the form for rules regarding classes, age and timing requirements, copyright, conduct, etc.

Please complete your entry form and ensure all information is accurate

Fee for each entry:  $18.00
Workshop Fee: $16.00/class


Music requirements: Please be aware that your selected music must be submitted as a digital mp3 or m4a file attached in an email to “”

Please complete this form: Solo Music Submission form. It will provide a “class/age” code to be used in your email with the music file attached.

If you have multiple entries in the Solo Dance Category, each piece of music must be individually identified by its “class/age” code.

Deadline for music submissions is Monday, March 10, 2020. Dancers will also need to provide a backup copy of their music on a CD or thumb drive.

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