Questions and Answers:

What is the Kootenay Festival of the Arts?

The KFA is a two week series of daytime and nighttime performances by people of all ages who want to show and improve their skills in music, vocal arts, and dance.
They perform for an adjudicator, one another, and an appreciative audience.

When is the Festival?

The Dance performances run for a week about late March, early April, with a Highlights Concert at the end of that week.
The other discipline performances run a week or so later, with the Highlights Concert at the end of that week.

Who enters this festival?

Any keen individual can enter. Most of the participants are taking private lessons singly or in groups. Private and public schools also enter choirs and instrumental ensembles.

What categories are offered?

Piano, Strings, Choral and Vocal, Speech Arts, Dance.
See the Syllabus for lots of detail about these categories.

Are there paid performers at this festival?

Simply, No.

Does the Kootenay Festival of the Arts make money?

No. We have a budget for each festival, and we maintain an ongoing balance which absorbs profits and losses. When income exceeds our goals, we increase scholarships, awards, and subsidized travel to the Provincial Festival.

Why do young performers participate in this festival?

Young musicians and dancers want to perform to appreciative audiences.
They also want to be shown how to improve their skills.

Are there other festivals like the KFA?

Although KFA is an independent festival, it is similar in format to 33 sister festivals in B.C.
linked to the Performing Arts BC, which has nine sister Provincial festivals, all of which link to the National Festival. This is the network of festivals which helps to foster Canada's top pianists, singers, string players, dancers, wind players and actors.

Who are the Adjudicators?

Adjudicators are performing artists/teachers chosen for their ability to encourage and show young performers how to improve their skills. They also select those performers whom they feel are ready to perform at the Provincial Festival.

Who sponsors this Festival?

The Kootenay Festival of the Arts is run in alternating years by the Nelson Music Festival Association and the Trail Music Festival Association. Both are societies run by volunteers.

Who pays for this festival?

Our income is from entry fees and admission to the two Highlight Concerts at the end of the festival,
plus private, business, and corporate donations.

Aren't there too many Festivals around here?

No. There is only one festival focused on encouraging young musicians, dancers, and students of the vocal arts in the West Kootenays.

How do people enter the Festival?

The effectiveness of our website, www.kootenayfestivalofthearts.ca, has allowed us to distribute our syllabus and application forms electronically and keep all participants and their teachers up to date as they prepare for the application deadline at the end of January and the Festival itself in March and April.

Is this a competitive festival?

Some performers are playing for adjudication only. Others choose to compete for an invitation to the Provincial Festival. To the adjudicators, all performers are playing against a standard, not one another. They receive Certificates of Participation, some earn Certificates of Merit, earn scholarships, and some are invited to perform at one of the two Highlights Concerts at the end of their week.
A small number receive invitations to perform at the Provincial Festival.


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