WINDS 2021 Entry

Thank you for taking part in our first ever online Kootenay Festival of the Arts. Just as one presents their printed copy of the music to the adjudicator, plays the piece, and receives feedback when doing it live, we will be doing it online in a very similar fashion.

Kootenay Festival of the Arts 2021 is limited to the Woodwinds/Brass section and will take place in a modified, virtual format. 

The Wind Syllabus outlines the scope of this Festival.

Adjudicator: Marcus Goddard

Entries for all Winds classes must be received by the Festival Committee on or before March 15th, 2021. Entries will not be completed without payment of fees.

Select your Entry type:
       Solo Entry
       Group Entry (includes Duet, trio, ensemble, chamber groups)

All performances will be pre-recorded and submitted by April 10, 2021, for adjudication. Pre-recorded accompaniment or no accompaniment will be accepted for the 2021 year only. Recording requirements can be found here:  KFA Submissions.

When your video recording is complete and the Music PDF is ready, they can be submitted using this form: Submit Video and Music PDF. They will be placed in the Festival GoogleDrive for access by the adjudicator.

At 5:00 pm, Thursday, April 22nd, the day of the festival, we will broadcast performances by a Zoom Conference to which you will receive an invitation link. There your performance video will be shown with a “live” adjudication session by the adjudicator.

Your participation in the Festival implies consent for the broadcast of your pre-recorded performance and adjudication on the day of the festival only.

All performances will be adjudicated and participants will receive written comments following adjudication. Outstanding performances may be recognized by Certificates of Merit and awards. Qualifying participants may be nominated to participate in the Provincial Festival of the Arts. For full information on Performing Arts BC go to