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From April 6, 2024:

From April 13:   View the video recording of the Festival Highlights Concert

Dear Friends,
          Since winning the Ian D. Smith Award last year, Katie Rose Clarke continued her musical journey, taking her violin playing to the next level.   It was no surprise then that she was awarded the same prize for the second year in a row by the adjudicators and festival committee.  This is in the tradition of a few other grade 11 students in the past, who became stronger contenders a year later.
                 What makes this year’s festival more satisfying is that the fund has reached the point of producing $1000.00 annually for disbursement, and for now, we have decided to split that amount into two awards going forward: $650.00 for an advanced student playing at a high level and $350.00 to an intermediate student showing great promise.  The awards are not confined to any one discipline, and this year the second award went to a promising young pianist, Charles Clarke.  Yes, that’s right, Charles is Katie’s younger brother.  In addition to the awards, they were both chosen to attend the provincial festival, another honour.  Here are the two of them after performing at the Highlights Concert at the Capitol Theatre in Nelson:

                   We were able to provide a brief bio on Katie last year, but since Charles is a rising star, he is still in the process of creating one.  We strongly suspect we will see more of him on stage in the coming years, so stay tuned. 
                  The festival was once again a great success.  In addition to strings and piano, categories include dance, vocal and speech arts, winds and brass.  It’s very informative and interesting to attend the adjudication sessions.   The adjudicators come from within and outside the province, are very often both instructors and professional players, and provide helpful and encouraging feedback.  As an example, the adjudicator of the brass and wind category who was dealing with dozens of participants in three different bands from the local middle and high schools, helped the kids improve their playing on the spot.  They obviously understood what he wanted, and when they got it right, everyone knew it: the audience, the band members, the teachers. The smiles on the players’ faces were our reward.  That process was repeated in all the categories mentioned throughout the week.  At the highlights concert, we were regaled with singing and recitation in addition to the piano and string performers, the latter including violin, cello and guitar.  It was a very pleasant evening at the theatre.
            Looking at the annual fund statement, it is now just over the $21,000.00 mark.  Again, many thanks for your support and interest.  Ian would have been especially proud this year.
          Best regards to all,
                 Molly, Dave, Sarah, and Chris Smith

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       Our goals have always been to inspire, educate, evaluate and promote regional students in the performing arts disciplines of piano, strings, voice, choral, dance, drama and speech arts. This festival provides participants with an opportunity to showcase their growing talent and to receive feedback from skilled adjudicators.

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