Vocal Arts Workshop

Voice and Breathing Coordination

     with highly skilled vocal coach, Laura Landsberg

 Monday, April 8th   6:00 pm – 8:00 pm at Nelson United Church


Although we are all human, we each hold different and unique qualities in relation to speaking and singing.”  ~ Laura Landsberg


Join Laura Landsberg in this 2-hour lecture/workshop where she will share a contemporary and functional approach to voice,
along with her new passion, “MDH breathing coordination.”

Suitable for vocalists, vocal coaches, musicians, public speakers, actors, and those needing inspiration. Laura will share tools and concepts to achieve a greater level of performance and an overall sense of well-being.

What is functional voice? Current research has made it possible to understand and develop approaches that are based on the anatomical reality of the individual.
These are called functional approaches as opposed to more traditional approaches.
The difference is the adaptation of the method to the individual. The teacher must understand what is happening anatomically in the student’s body and create an individualized rebalancing.

What is MDH Breathing Coordination? MDH Breathing Coordination was developed by Lynn Martin (New York University Functional Anatomy Professor) and Robin De Haas (leading International Vocal coach from Switzerland) and is based on the work of US choir director Carl Stough. The quality of breathing influences the quality of life and the performance potential of the body. The aim of this work is to amplify and harmonize the movement of the diaphragm in order to restore the entire respiratory function. The method is based on functional anatomy and offers guidance to performers on breathing potential and developing tools for better vocal technique and performance.

“The voice is the only totally organic instrument.
Apart from the musical aptitudes specific to any instrument (intonation, rhythm, solfeggio), it is necessary to acquire certain faculties or coordinations to use one’s voice well, both for speaking (conferences, speeches, leadership)
and for singing (stamina, range, quality).”

                               ~ Robin De Haas.

The lecture portion will be followed by Laura working one-on-one with 10 individuals in a collaborative setting with all workshop attendees. 

About Laura

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            Full adult price: $40
            Optional self-selecting reduced price: $30
            Students: $20
            KFA participants: Free
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possible, thank you for choosing the full price. This helps to cover the cost of presenting this rare opportunity to our community! There is also a commitment to providing this experience to as many folks as possible, so please note the options if price is a barrier.