Dance Nelson 2022


danceSyllabus: Dance
Dates:  March 28 — April 2, 2022
Coordinator:  Coordinator:    Carole Bonin

         Ballet/Modern: Stephana Arnold
         Stage: Greer Whillans

Registration Forms

For dancers who provide their own music: 
Please be aware that music will be submitted digitally for the 2022 festival. Your selected music must be identified  using the appropriate form and then submitted as a digital .mp3 or .m4a file attached in an email to “
The performer is responsible for ensuring that copies of recorded music comply with all copyright restrictions that apply to the source material.

If you have multiple entries, please submit each piece of music INDIVIDUALLY in a separate email with the Subject line: “class/age” code. Please read more > > >

The deadline for registrations is February 10, 2022.
Late registrations may be accepted until February 15, 2022,
with a late fee of $10.00 per entry in addition to the regular entry fee.

Dance Fees:
Duos and Trios….$12.00 per dancer
Group….$8.00 per dancer

Workshops are open to all dancers. In addition to workshops for Ballet, Modern, and Stage, our adjudicators are pleased to offer two additional workshops for all age levels (Junior, Intermediate, Senior).
Stephana Arnold will teach Contemporary Ballet and at the Intermediate/Senior levels the class will include Contemporary choreography.
Greer Whillans will teach Contemporary classes.

Workshop Fee:  $16.00

Late registration for the workshops is permitted provided there is room in the class.
(The fee for late registration, if room permits, will be $20.00 at the door.)

Workshop size will be determined when we have the current COVID-19 Public Health Orders. 


         DANCE: Capitol Theatre, 
417 Victoria St

        Workshops: Taghum Hall, 5915 Taghum Hall Rd